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Waco Triathlon Training Program begins April 22nd

03/12/2018 1:49 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

DST, Daylight Saving Time, or as we call it here "daylight savings time"... some countries (think Texas) even call it "summer time".  Personally I like to call it "The Light Season" since we now have a decent amount of time to get some training in after work during the week.  The Light Season this year is from March 11th to November 4th.  Coincidentally or not, our training season falls right smack dab in between these two dates.  With the Waco Triathlon Training plan kicking off on April 22nd and the second phase of it ending with Ironman Waco 70.3 on October 28th we've got a light season booked full of fun athletic activities!  So when is a good time to get involved? NOW!  Pre-Season weekday OWS's (open water swims) and rides have begun and will continue until we start the training plan.  Lake Waco is still a wee bit chilly (60-65 degrees) so dust off the wetsuit and bring it with, you'll need it.  Also the spring winds make for great choppy surf training for all you going to Galveston for Ironman Texas 70.3!  The rides are still on the shorter side at 20 miles until we get into some longer days, but that'll be perfect for you to learn how to balance again after spending all winter on the trainer!  

April 22nd kicks off the first phase of the Waco Triathlon Training Program with the "couch to sprint tri" beginner Sprint training plan and "next level up" Olympic training plan.  The plan is a comprehensive 12 week training plan chocked full of clinics and special training days to get you ready for either distance you choose.  Phase 2 is the Ironman Waco 70.3 training plan delivering an equal amount of content with an emphasis on distance training and long course prep.  If you're eyeing Phase 2 you'll want to start with the "next level up" training plan because it's executed with the 70.3 in mind!

Regardless of what you have in mind to do this year, if you're wondering when is a good time to start, you know the answer to that just as well as I do... Now!

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